The Shankar Spin 7: Melo, Rodgers, Redskins, and More!


Ah, how far the mighty have fallen. It’s quite sad to see someone who was such a great player in his prime cut down and made into a laughing stock. But, here we are, as Carmelo Anthony is officially washed. How will I remember Melo? I won’t remember him this way, broken down and a below-average player.

No, when I think of Carmelo Anthony, I’m going to think of him in those classic blue Knicks jerseys with the bright lights of MSG on him. The clock running down in the game, his team down by 1 on a Sunday Night ESPN primetime game. Melo gets the ball in the post, and turns to face his defender.

Jab step. Jab step. The defender doesn’t nudge. Then, like a snake, Carmelo struck. One dribble to his right and a pull-up mid-range jumper. For any other player, it was a terrible shot, one that would get many benched and some cut from teams. Not for Melo.

That’s how I’ll remember him, a Syracuse legend, a Team USA icon, and an NBA Hall-of-Famer.

Oh by the way, I’m Varun Shankar… hello and welcome to the Shankar Spin… it’s good to be back. Let’s get going

The Redskins

I hate football. The End.


Just kidding but it’s very frustrating to see your team lose not one, but two quarterbacks to similar injuries. I feel bad for Colt McCoy but… Mark Sanchez? Yay? (I hate everything)


This kid is so special. He’s so savvy and he just makes the right decision over and over and over again. I don’t think the general NBA fan understands how good he’s going to be. Luka Doncic people… remember the name.

Aaron Rodgers

Alright, now let’s get cracking on the more meaty topics. Packers fired their head coach after a wildly disappointing season that saw them nowhere near playoff contention and with a slew of questionable decisions by head coach Mike McCarthy, who was fired.

Some are asking a good question. Was McCarthy the problem or is the problem Rodgers?

Now, on the surface this seems ludicrous. In what world is the best/2nd best quarterback in the league and maybe the most talented quarterback ever the problem? Well, part of what makes Rodgers great is his inability to stick to scripts. He works best in the off-beats, like a jazz musician, dancing around in the pocket and then moving outside it, extending plays and playing backyard football in a way that nobody other than Rodgers could.

That beautiful play style however, may be the issue with Rodgers. Can you devise a scheme for him that he’s going to stick to? In other words, can you make a good enough script that the visionary actor that is Rodgers will want to stick to?

I think you can find a smart enough guy that Rodgers, who seems like one of the most, if not the most, intelligent player in the NFL, will listen to him. Lincoln Riley comes to mind, Bruce Arians as well. Those two are all I’ve got but I’m pretty sure there are many hot-shot offensive coordinators (Josh McDaniels Hi) who would like to team up with Rodgers.

Rodger’s career is on the way down but he still has the potential to erupt at any time and maybe? Has one more championship left in him.




Oh the Redskins should have signed Kap a while ago and this is dumb and I now have to watch Mark Sanchez. Pray for your boy. See ya next week (hopefully).


Image edited by: Kiran M.


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